Welcome to LiLe

Welcome to LiLe, the concert series for experimental music organized by the LeipziXP e.V. The website is still under construction, more information about the artists is coming soon.

International artists and musicians from the local Leipzig scene present a wide range within the music genre. Improvisation and composition, acoustic and electroacoustic instruments are brought back into play. This year’s concerts are themed as follows:

On May 3rd, the focus is on brass, etc. Schallschatten (Petr Vrba and Birgit Ulher) expand their trumpets with various objects, radios, or electronics. Andreas Nordheim and Sabine Lippold blend brass and movement in their improvisational duet.

On July 6th, the emphasis is on the performative aspects of sound. Jolon Dixon performs an installative score that visually and sculpturally spreads throughout the space and Samantha Tiussi shares or synaesthetic perceptions with her “Piano-Glass”. (Cathy Heyden had to cancel the performance).

Lastly, on November 2nd, the concert is dedicated to percussion and electronics. Burkhardt Beins and Gerard Lebik present their works from their latest album “An Alphabet of Fluctuations” with cymbals and oscillators. Nadelør, on the other hand, works with organic rhythms that are distorted and multiplied through various effects, creating complex abstract soundscapes.

We look forward to your visit!